Let’s be honest, most people who want to sell their homes start out a little unrealistic with what they think their home could sell for. They rely upon online home evaluation sites that do comparables to other homes in the area that are for sale or have sold, but the people who want to sell their home do not take the time to read the fine print of these home evaluation sites.

If you dig far enough into these online home evaluation websites you would see that they tell you their guess could be off by as much as 20%! On a $400,000 house, this means their home evaluation could be off by as much as $80,000! Ouch!

When you want to sell your home there are many things you can do to increase the value of your home that are affordable.  

Idea  #1 – Paint the house inside and out. Many Arizona homeowners live in an area that has an HOA so you’ll want to check with your HOA for acceptable colors. For interior colors stick with neutral colors. Bright greens, oranges, reds, yellows are out when selling, and try to limit the colors in your home to one or two throughout the interior space of the house.

Homes that have different, bright colors in every room will appeal to fewer prospective buyers, and it will usually take longer to sell the house, just because most people don’t want to buy a house and then immediately spend money on painting, or other renovations.  Remember, the fewer things that a new buyer has to do regarding their new home the faster the house will sell, and potentially for more money!

Pro Note: If you do not live in an area that has an HOA stop by your local good paint store to get some ideas of modern color schemes. Stores like Dunn Edwards have professionals who can give you very good advice, and their paint (in my experience) is some of the best on the market. Keep the colors soothing, neutral and conservative to appeal to the most potential buyers.

Idea #2 – Get rid of things. How many things are in your home that you have not used in 1, 5 or even 10 years? What about clothes closets? Do you have clothes in the closet and shoes that went out of style 5 years ago? Declutter!

It’s time to have a garage sale, make a donation of things to the Goodwill, or throw things out.  If you must keep the items (because they might come back in style before you die) I suggest you rent a storage space away from the house and move those items you must keep, to the offsite storage facility. The fewer things you have in the house the larger your house will seem. People will be turned off by clutter and overflowing closets.

Idea #3 – In the same vein as Idea #2 – You have to depersonalize the house. Your family pictures and things that are very personal to you have to be put away. All the high school pictures of the kids that are on the wall running down the hallway need to be taken down. Put away the family vacation pictures. Put away any collections of anything.

Although it is difficult to realize, when you place your house on the market to sell it becomes a commodity, and remember, people are not buying your house, they are buying their next house. Buyers need to visualize how they will live in their house, not your house.

Idea #4 – Clean the house like it has never been cleaned before!  Consider having a deep clean performed by a professional cleaning company. Think about this:  when you buy a new car (even if it is used, but new to you) is the car clean and shiny when the dealer shows it to you? Has the dealer made sure the car smells good, the engine area looks good and even the windows are spotless and streak free? Of course, they have. Would you buy a dirty car that has a bunch of trash in it, filthy windows and engine compartment? Of course, you wouldn’t.  

If you want to get the most for your house it needs to be the same as that car at the dealer. Clean and seemingly ready for you to be the next owner. When selling your home be sure the house is clean, in good physical condition, it is uncluttered and things are put away when the house is being shown to potential buyers.

Idea #5 – This is one of the big ones, and ties back with Idea #1. Increase the homes curb appeal. New paint, keep the  lawn (grass or desert landscaping) looking good. Place colorful flowers in the flower beds or in pots that lead to the front door. Believe me, curb appeal  makes a big difference! If your house does not have nice curb appeal, everything else is a waste – because the people will not even get out of their car if the front of the house is unappealing.

These are some general basics of how to get more money for your home. If you would like a no obligation, no hype home evaluation of your home that you wish to sell I am happy to assist you, with no pressure. Contact me, Peter Hudson at 480-442-6585. Good luck!