Here is the simple truth. 

I associate trying to evaluate your home using an online-only resource with an online dating app! 

People can tell you they are the best thing on earth, their profile can sound great, but until you actually meet them in person, and discover that they were using a picture on their profile that is at least 20 years old… well, you get the picture. 

Trying to professionally evaluate a house using an online-only service is just dangerous.  If you read in the disclaimer of the service they will tell you they can be off by as much as 20%!  On a $500,000 house that’s as much as a $100,000 spread. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you want to get the best possible price for your house?

Would you like to know your home’s estimated current value?

I can offer you a very professional report for your home that only REALTORS® have access to, it’s called the Realtors Property Resource or RPR.

I’ll prepare the report for you, send it to you. After you have a chance to review the report I’ll follow up to see if you have any questions.

If you like what you see we can discuss the house to see if the estimated value of the house should be adjusted up or down, based upon the condition of the house. 

Fair enough? Call or send me an email requesting the report. I’m happy to help you.

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