Are You curious about what YOUR HOME IS WORTH?

Evaluating the price point of a house without actually seeing the house is difficult.  But, I can get close!


Let’s be honest, EVERYONE is curious about the value of their home! We all would like to know ‘what if’?

Did you know that if you have lived in your home for two years or more and decide to sell, the money you pocket from selling the house is tax free?

I use one of the best home evaluation software programs that is available only to REALTORS® it’s called the REALTORS PROPERTY RESOURCE or RPR. 

The RPR program is a great evaluation tool that puts together a huge amount of detailed information that you can use to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Within an hour I can use the software to build an extremely detailed and helpful property report that will help you understand the current local real estate market.

Let’s give it a try.  You have nothing to lose and my clients are always grateful of the information I can provide them.



Complete the form below and I will prepare a beautiful home evaluation report and email the report to you. You'll be amazed!

For a Sample RPR Property Evaluation Report click on the image below.  A PDF of the Sample Report will start to download very soon.

Request your Home Evaluation Seller’s Report by filling out the request form! I’ll email the detailed report to you as soon as it’s completed!


I have had the pleasure of working with Peter Hudson for several years in various capacities and have the utmost respect for him. Peter is extremely professional and is one of the most talented gentlemen I have ever met. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone who is looking to hire someone with impeccable integrity and a wealth of knowledge. 

John M.

Peter has an eye for detail while maintaining a strategic focus on the big picture.  He is extremely professional, punctual, and pleasant to work with. I have always appreciated Peter’s willingness to go above and beyond his job expectations. His ability to bring a team together to focus on a common goal is remarkable. In the time I have worked with Peter I have seen his straightforward style push people to become the best version of themselves.

Annie J.

Peter is an amazingly intelligent professional in sales and marketing. If you choose Peter as your agent he will work incredibly hard, but more importantly, incredibly smart to be your advocate, protect your interests and use many tools. The most important thing about my friend and colleague, who I have known for many years, is that he cares and he uses his expertise to serve his clients.

Cathy C.

I had the pleasure of working with Peter and he was extremely professional in working with internal staff and external clients. Peter was a pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable in marketing and sales. He took a consultative approach that met or exceeded client expectations and was always quick to respond, helpful and seeking to expand his knowledge to stay on top of market trends. 

Brian V.

Our nephew and his wife just closed on a house using Peter Hudson. It was a relief for us that Peter took them under his wing. Peter was caring but firmly guided the couple. Once the house was found Peter, with his expert knowledge and understanding, got them a great price. But, he didn’t stop there he watched over all the details to make sure everyone was doing their best for the couple all the way to handing them the key! Nice follow-up Peter.

Duane A.

Peter provided professionalism and diligence to every detail necessary for the sale of our Mesa, Az. residence. 
If the need is presented again, the choice will be the same.

Jon and Belinda S.